Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Would you believe it

Bob won a ticket to the Super Bowl. Approaching the stadium, he was
excited. Once he got inside, he couldn't find his seat. Finally he asked an 
usher to help him find his seat. The usher guided him to the top row. Then the 
usher pointed and said seat 25. Bob settled in his seat, and noticed he was 
almost as far from the field as possible. He pulled out a pair of binoculars, 
and could still barely make out the numbers on the players. He then gazed around 
the audience. He suddenly stopped as he came to an open seat in the first row. 
Bob packed up, and headed to his destination. 
Upon arriving he saw an old man,
 sitting by himself. Bob then asked "is this 
seat open?" "Sure, sit down, no one is sitting there." Bob was excited "Who 
would be crazy enough not to use a seat like this?" "I am." said the man. "My 
wife and I have come to every Super Bowl since 1968." "Where is she now?" "She 
passed away." "I am so sorry to hear that. Wasn't there a really close friend,
or family member you could have invited to the game?" "Nope, they're all at the 


  1. I. LOVED. THIS!!!

    It reminded me of the story about the tennis pro who was so obsessed with his game that he couldn't even make time to attend his wife's funeral...

    ...clearly a case of putting the court before the hearse.

    Sorry; I couldn't resist.

    8 )

  2. LOL Good one Marge, thanks to both of you. keep chuckling.