Saturday, 3 September 2011

Here I am showing off my sunshine blog a ward, yee- ha, given to me from Beckie in Wonderland thank you so much. I don't usually get more than two comments on this blog so it's a complete surprise, now then I've got to pass it on to ten bloggers who I think come up to a good standard or are interesting. That's not going to be easy as I don't have lots of followers, but I cherish the ones I have they're my life line to sanity at times.
1. Penpusherpen
2. Terry's tete-a-tete
3  Catches the eye [Sheila and Wile-e]
4   Poppy's Place
5   Great Granny
6   Chancy the Gardener
7   Virginia through my Lens Chip Rocketman
8   Ramblings from an English Garden [Barbara]
9   Mumsysramblings
10  Beth Marie

Oh dear, I could have added more after all so forgive me if  I haven't added your blog and you feel slighted, But I have  tried to go on peeps who have commented most frequently, so please pick up your blog by copying and pasting the link below
<a href=";current=sunshine.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>     
 and maybe you can find ten others who you feel deserve one. I am so happy, Yes me, who was always moaning when I didn't get any hits, and called myself Billy-no-Mates.


  1. We thank you sweet Arlene so much for the award. We have a busy time right now but I will get the award posted as soon as I can. Big hugs!!

  2. Thank you so much for my lovely award Arlene, I was so pleased to receive it :):) Billy no mates indeed.....what are you like??? Hope you are having a great weekend xxx

  3. I have awarded you a Sunshine award too, so pop over and collect it when you can!! :D:D xxxxx

  4. Arlene, your blog always brings sunshine. Kassey and I appreciate this sunshine award. I hope we can do it justice.

  5. You're all welcome, cos your blogs lighten up my days too.