Monday, 1 November 2010

Too many emails

I am finding that my email box is filling up too fast with the number of emails I now get through subscribing to blogs and ticking for follow up, I still feel there must be an easier way to keep tabs on comments. You don't know who has made the comment till you open the email and it's sometimes nice to read any follow ups of any you've made. maybe I'm missing something or not following the instructions properly, anyone got any ideas. BTW I set up a page for follow up comments on another blog, but don't know if it will catch on.


  1. Hi Arlene,
    I think you are talking about Wordpress?
    I have had problems until I stopped ticked.
    still a lots of junk mail are coming LOL!
    I like blogspot is much easy to handle but not 100% yet,and it take me time to do it.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Thank you Michiko, I think it must be wordpress but I'll have to stop subscribing as I can't keep up and will just use comments instead, I find it difficult to know who has responded to a comment I've made anyhow, but can't go through every one to check. Ho, Ho , just not enough hours in the day. And yes Blogspot is easier, but so many people are on both you can't keep track.

  3. I get others comments on their blog, it seems, which fills my mail box on Gmail. This is from blogspot. I don't want to know who said what, just like Spaces on the profile page. The Word Press comments are OK, but I can go to my blog and read. I don't need all this in my mail...just saying..