Saturday, 6 November 2010


Went shopping yesterday to see if I could see anything I fancied for my little holiday., well, of course I did, I saw didn't really think a girl could go out shopping just before a holiday and NOT find anything to buy,
I saw some pretty costume jewellery and thought that it would be just the very match for a certain dress, then I saw some more, and again I thought, now that would just match that nice top I'm taking, and of course I had to have earrings to match. I'm beginning to feel better already, not that I wasn't  feeling OK before I started if you understand, Hmm, now that's a nice shop and they usually have some bargains. so I ventured in and came out with a pretty blouse, just the thing for a party, then..... I popped into the handbag shop, just looking of course, but there was a very practical purse that caught my eye, it's now mine, then  thought,  I could just use  a new bag, but not a 'proper ladies type bag' but one of these sling over the shoulder type cloth things, just the ticket for odds and ends, but  very necessary of course. My eye was caught by a pair of Ugg boots, real bargain and in my size, well whaddaya know? they're now in my wardrobe. Now that fleece in the shop next door is a much nicer colour than the one I already have, and they are just soooooo cosy, maybe another one wouldn't go amiss, just in case,.... in case of what you say? I dunno but one  in the wash and one round my knees, that's a good enough reason. what else? Tights? no, gloves? no, knickers? no,   nothing so practical, Well I think I've satisfied my urge to satisfy my fancy. and will trot off home, oh, just one more thing, into the bakery for a nice custard slice, or two, a girl has to keep up her strength for all that shopping now, hasn't she?


  1. You have had fantastic shopping with specially yummy treat yourselves...
    I am very happy for you:-)
    enjoy your day,

  2. Hi Arlene its Thursday you will probably be on your way home now, I do hope you had a very enjoyable time. Look fwd to seeing all your photo's of you in your new blouse and having fun. Sheila x

  3. It's Thursday here and Your shopping trip was fun, it seems with a treat too. Looking forward to photos.

  4. Thanks folks, yes I did enjoy it, I don't know if many photos were taken of us actually living it up, but I'll have to ask around.