Sunday, 14 November 2010

I bet my bum does look fat in everything

I stupidly went on the scales this morning and I have put on 6 pounds in the past two weeks and I bet most was after my Jersey holiday, so I AM ON A DIET big time.
I am hungry already


  1. It doesn't matter a little fat? better than too skiny :-)
    At reast you don't worry about not catch cold in the winter's time and you have more stamina:-)

  2. Winter fat I call it helps to keep you warm Arelene. I think we generally eat more in the winter. Sheila xx

  3. Following on from my previous blog, and thank you for replies, but I'll carry on dieting for the now and buy a thicker jumper for the winter..

  4. as soon as you say to yourself the word 'diet' you concentrate on food... Just chill out and eat the same only less portions.(Cough!! So says one who's weight YoYo's about!!)...
    Thicker jumper sounds good. too..xPenx

  5. I admit I fell victim to a lovely big fat custard slice to-day, groooaaan, but I will only have one slice of toast to-night instead of two with my banana. I've got to lose 7 lbs before Christmas, as we all know what happens when the Christmas fairies get cooking and the little gnomes put it on your plate and the wicked evil Elves open your mouth and shovel it in. I'm making that my excuse.