Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another joke

I'm having another go at trying to get some more followers on this site, I'll give up soon but here's another joke before I do,
Don't read if you're racially sensitive.

 Bit naughty but you got too have a sense of humour !
Ah, there’s nothing like a non-pc story to brighten the day.

A Pakistani immigrant goes to a Doctor and says "I feel terrible".

The Doctor says "You need to pee and poop in a bucket for a week,

throw in a dead fish and a rotting cabbage.

Put a towel over your head and inhale the vapours for 3 days".

The man does this and goes back to the Doctor and says "I feel

wonderful!! What was wrong with me?"

"You were homesick..."


  1. Wey hey! a visitor, hello Sheila and thank you.licks to Will-e from Tango

  2. This a pretty good jokes and a good to be laugh!
    And I think a good for our health...
    Please more jokes Arlene:-)

  3. Hi Arlene I tried to visit your Tango's Tails but having trouble, something about java script!!then I lost you. Anyway glad to hear the kitchen is coming along nicely and you will be looking out of a new window..Enjoy hope it all goes to plan, and have a lovely weekend. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e hope Tango and Ruby are ok take care. xx

  4. The roses bright message for us that I like very much.
    You have a good weekend my friend!

  5. Fuuuny, and we all need a good laugh.

  6. Thanks all, will try and keep them coming.